The ticketing experience will be decidedly old school.

Back before the internet, when an act like Nine Inch Nails would announce a tour, their die-hard fans would line the sidewalks outside of venues–waiting for hours for box offices open–in hopes of grabbing a ticket before the show sold out. Writing that sentence feels so weird, as it’s something I experienced (and maybe you did, too) not so long ago.

But times have changed. The digital age has brought with it the ease of buying your tickets from the comfort of your own home, pajama-clad, on your computer. Or missing out on tickets because the show sells out in .01 seconds and now all the big ticket brokers have all the big tickets.

Trent Reznor thinks that sucks, and he’s doing something about it. Read this:

So if you want to see Nine Inch Nails and The Jesus and Mary Chain at the Boch Center Wang Theatre on October 19 or 20, grab your sleeping bag, pack some snacks, and line up bright and early on Saturday, May 19. Or maybe Friday night? Let’s be honest, there’ll probably be some die-hards on Tremont Street on Thursday.

So maybe back some extra snacks. And definitely click here for all the particulars.