Just not together. Although, that would be a cool collab.

To tide us all over until New Music Friday, here’s a trio of new tracks that popped up this week. The first comes from Mitski, who will release her follow up to 2016’s Puberty 2 on August 17. The new album will be titled Be The Cowboy, and the first single is called “Geyser.”


We won’t have to wait as long for the new album from Neko Case. Hell-On is out on June 1, and “Curse Of The I-5 Corridor” features the whiskey-soaked smoke of Mark Lanegan in the background.


After the breakup of Majical Cloudz in 2016, co-founder Devon Welsh went his own way, releasing a mish-mosh of one-off tracks and indulging in a side project called Belave. Now he’s back with the emotional “I’ll Be Your Ladder.”


OK, that’s all. Thanks for reading and watching and listening. We’ll be back on New Music Friday with a trio of new albums to dig into.