We’re back, after a week off.



Give us a break. Boston Calling was crazy last week. And last Friday is when CHVRCHES released their long-awaited third album. It’s a big step for the little band from Glasgow, who brought in top-of-their-game producers, the likes of who have worked with Sia and Adele. The result? A bigger, brighter, more pop-driven sound. But it’s still CHVRCHES. And you can win a copy of the new album here.


Father John Misty God’s Favorite Customer

The early reviews contrast the latest from J. Tillman as a bit of a comedown from the comedy of his previous two albums. But there’s still humor to be found here alongside some heartwrenching moments. Dark humor, sure. But humor nonetheless.


Neko Case Hell-On

I’m going to play the Old Guy card and name drop Neko’s first two bands: Cub and Maow, just because I’ve been revisiting a lot of early-to-mid 90’s twee pop records lately. Most know Ms. Case from her time in The New Pornographers, though, which is interesting seeing as she’s now into her third decade of cutting solo albums. There’s not much Neko Case can’t do musically, and Hell-On does a fine job of showcasing the maturity of her talent.