A sundry week of new releases.


Lykke Li So Sad So Sexy

If you’ve been listening to The Oedipus Project, which streams Saturdays from 10 a.m. until noon, you’ve had a taste of this in recent weeks. The artist herself tweeted this about the album: “…the blood, the sweat, the tears, the high hopes, the fears, the time, the years, the detours, the pit falls, the self-doubt, the long nights, the insights, the wave, the fight to stay brave.” It’s all there, performed with raw emotion.


Snail Mail Lush

Snail Mail is singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan. At 19, her debut album comes with the maturity and chops of an artist twice her age. There’s a hint of Hope Sandoval in her voice, and plenty of 90s warmth to her guitar playing and songwriting (think Mary Timony of  Helium). “Heat Wave,” the first single and clip from the album, does a good job of capturing the vibe.


The Get Up Kids Kicker

With the emo revival in full swing (did it really ever go away, though?), it makes all the sense in the world for the Lawrence, Kansas standard-bearers to return with new music. The Kicker ep is their first new release in seven years, and the songs hearken back to the band’s late-90s/early 00s sound. A nice little blast from the past that’s actually a blast from the present, just in time for summer.