This week, Michael Marotta and Morning Glory took a different approach to the question of the day: “What three new songs would you put on a playlist for someone you’re trying to impress?”

Here are the parameters: The three songs have to be “new,” meaning released last summer — that’s mid-2017 — or later. And we’re sticking with three songs, and only three, which might be harder than you expect, given the number of incredible tunes we’ve heard over the last year.

And no, you don’t have to tell us who you’re trying to impress. But we would like it if you shared yours with us via Twitter, and took a look at what everyone’s shared so far, starting with Michael Marotta’s conversation with Paul Driscoll this morning.

Michael double-dipped; which three-song set was more impressive?

Here are Adam 12’s picks:

And a bunch of yours: