The mighty Luke O’Neil — you’ve read his articles, you’ve heard his band no hope/no harm, you’ve RT’d some weird-ass thing he tweeted about. Now you got to hear him and that confident voice of his as he dropped by indie617’s Morning Glory with Michael Marotta this morning.

There was plenty to discuss, like his new newsletter Welcome To Hell World, where he tackles the topics that define this insane world we live in (from heartwarming stories that aren’t so heartwarming to the disastrous pitfalls of modern society), to his Emo Night Boston party Thursday night at The Sinclair in Cambridge (which comes with a full live band for pop-punk karaoke). If that’s not enough of a wide-ranging discussion, we also chatted about the 24th anniversary of Oasis’ debut album Definitely Maybe.

The whole hour gave us a reason to feel “Supersonic,” and dust off some old Sunny Day Real Estate and Get Up Kids songs.

Relive the chat below. Two dudes, just riffin’ on life.