After tweeting more gifs at us than a vegan millennial on acid, we finally got around to inviting Pelvis Costello into the studio to hash out some things live on Morning Glory.

Things like, “What’s the best Killers album?” (answer: not Sam’s Town); “Did Editors lose their way after Chris Urbanowicz left the band? (answer: Yes); and “What are you gonna be for Halloween? (spoiler alert: we have no idea, even though indie617’s Boo’s And Brews is fast approaching).

We’re not sure if we actually answered any of these questions this morning, but the debate was lively, and the lady with Ashley Elizabeth on her birth certificate certainly brought her thoughts. She loves Sam’s Town, she loves late-era Editors, and, well, she’s gonna be Drew Barrymore from Scream this Halloween.

She and and I talked all that, (no, not the film All That), as well as new album releases on this October 5, people who are celebrating birthdays on this glorious fall day, and whether or not bands “re-imagining” their classic material for a new album and tour is a good ides, like Echo & the Bunnymen are doing with The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon. They play the Orpheum on November 20, but you can relive Pelvis Costello’s Morning Glory debut now.

Be sure to check out her blog,, as well.

Sam’s Town might be the best Killers album…

…but it still only has one good song on it.