When Johnny Marr comes to town, he brings a lot of things with him — his legacy, his confidence, a masterful back catalog of songs, collaborations, and productions. But when he rolled into Boston for a sold-out Sunday night (October 21) show at The Paradise Rock Club, he brought something new entirely: his excellent new solo album, Call The Comet.

Remarkably, it serves as only Marr’s third solo album of his illustrious career. But from his beginnings writing songs as a teenager in Manchester, becoming an musical icon through his work with The Smiths in the ’80s, and a collaborative career that’s found him working with everyone from Bernard Sumner (Electronic) to The Cribs and Modest Mouse, Marr always remained dedicated to his songwriting craft. And he’s always aspired to be better — a better songwriter, a better lyricist, a better singer… and even a better guitarist. Call The Comet skillfully shows off that drive; it’s Marr flexing his musical muscle.

Before his gig at the ‘Dise, we had the honor of sitting down with him to discuss the evolution of his songwriting, how Call The Comet came together, and whether or not, at this point iin his career, he has anything left to prove.

After we’ve broadcast it during Morning Glory, the enlightening conversation can be heard in full below via Soundcloud below. Featured image by Jon Shard.