The boorish exercise in mental and emotional futility we call Monday brings two things each and every time: The start of a new workweek (booo) and a Morning Glory “Question of the Day” (yay).

This past Monday was no exception, particularly as far as the latter is concerned. Our #QOTD was more of a call to action rather than a query, as we kindly asked y’all to curate your own music festival. It played off the previous #QOTD, about who you’d like to see play Boston Calling 2019, and allowed you to play booking agent.

We asked you to book two headliners, two mid-level artists, and one on-the-come-up newcomer.

The answers, as usual were fantastic (and we haven’t even gotten into Paul Driscoll’s dreams of hosting a stateside “Reading Fest” at Ipswich River Park in North Reading, Massachusetts). Recap them below and over @indie617 on Twitter.

Featured image of Boston’s Honey Cutt via the band’s Bandcamp page.