Whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is Thursday. And while we won’t get into your own personal situation surrounding everyone’s favorite forced Hallmark holiday, it’s hard to ignore the quality of love-themed songs that exist in the universe of indie617. So for today’s Question of the Day, we asked you, dearest listener and supporter: What’s your fave alt-indie love song?

The response was plentiful.

Paul Discoll joined me on Morning Glory to get things started right, offering up The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”, Majical Cloudz’ “Downtown”, and Mitski’s “Two Slow Dancers.” I countered with Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps”, Suede’s “The Drowners”, Richard Ashcroft’s “A Song For Lovers.”

Then you guys came in with some bangers, from classic alternative (The Smiths, The Cure) to more modern sounds (Bloc Party, Band of Horses, Bon Iver).

We’re continuing the convo all day, so scan the early responses below and keep it locked to indie617 from now until the lovers go home.