So recently we got the new Arcade Fire song delivered to indie617, and at first we were excited. Then we realized it wasn’t just any ol’ new jam, it was a cover of Disney’s classic 1941 lullaby “Baby Mine,” and it was a part of the new live-action, Tim Burton-directed remake of Dumbo.

Uh oh.

After a few minutes of consideration, we realized quickly that we wanted to throw it out there for debate, and our latest “Do We Care” segment on Morning Glory offered the track, and its backstory, up for public discourse. And of course, you guys had opinions.

I recap a bunch of listeners thoughts on the segment below, all coming in from @indie617 on Twitter, but this one stands out, from Briana Campbell of Time & Tide Coffee in Biddleford, Maine: “Arcade Fire + Tim Burton is Disney trying to appeal to GenX parents so they’ll take their kids to a remake of a movie that traumatized them as kids.”

Hot damn.

Photo by Guy Aroch. Podcast audio by Adam 12.