On this day 20 years ago — March 15, 1999, for those who hate calendars — Blur released their sixth studio album, 13. Today on Morning Glory, host Michael Marotta and indie617 prez Paul Driscoll took a look at the record, which continued Blur’s Americanization of sound (which began with a fury on ’97s self-titled) and gave us singles like “Tender” and “Coffee & TV.” The album was produced by William Orbit, who replaced the band’s longtime producer Stephen Street, and did a pretty good job of distancing Damon and the lads from the Britpop movement they helped lead across England just a few years prior. We celebrated the anni by hearing “Bugman” and the aforementioned “Coffee & TV,” and by pressing record on the segment — revisit our chat below. And tune into Morning Glory every morning from 7 to 10 a.m., only on indie617.

Audio by Adam 12.