It’s Friday, that blissful time where we slice our souls in half and swandive into two distinct pools: One labeled The Mothafakin’ Weekend, and the other tagged New Music Friday. The former will be here soon enough, and surely you’ll join us for breakfast and brunch this Sunday, but the later showed up on our midnight doorstep complete with enough music to sow your ass back together in time for Monday.

Today on Morning Glory, we fecided to take a look at the more interesting new LPs out, and served up on this Ides of March are new rekkids from Karen O and Danger Mouse (Lux Prima), Elizabeth Colour Wheel (Nocebo), Stephen Malkmus (Groove Denied), The Faint (Egowerk), Graneros (Casey The Dog), and Brian Jonestown Massacre (self-titled). MG host Michael Marotta welcomed indie617 prez Paul Driscoll in for a little NMF chat, and you can revisit our discussion below.

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Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel. Audio by Adam 12.