It’s only fitting that on the one-year anniversary of indie617 we relay the wildest tale ever heard on our airwaves. It comes from local independent cannabis company Excelsior Extracts, who after years on the run and living under different identities in Alabama are back in New England changing the cannabis game. Tom and Elaine dropped by Morning Glory to preview just some of their various THC and CBD products, from hot sauce to body oil to soaps to maple syrup to flower.

Just look at that image up top.

In addition to their award winning cannabis products, Tom and Elaine’s back story is incredible, and something you’ll one day see depicted in a film. Tom and Elaine got raided back in 2011, went on the run, lived not as a couple but as a mother and son in the Deep South, and eventually got all charges dismissed in February of last year. After that the longtime growers and cultivators cleared their name, they leaned on their reputation and their “mom and pop” cannabiz can now be found everywhere from The Harvest Cup to NECANN.

Check out their Instagram and listen to their story below. Audio by Adam 12.