Smoke ’em if ya got ’em — that’s something we say around here at lot at indie617.

Ok, that’s not true — we never say that. But if we ever did, we’d say it this Saturday, when the calendar reminds us that it’s 4/20. So we decided to get ready for this cannabis holiday by inviting cannabis connoisseur Hadden Stemp to Morning Glory to discuss a few things, like the origins of the 4/20 term, a recap of NECANN (and what we hope to see in 2020), what to do on Saturday, and just how niiiiiiice that strain of Juicy Fruit really is.

Stemp’s partner in grime, Amelia Gormley, known as stoner__spice on Instagram, joined the conversation, and if you missed it, roll it back up via the pod below.

Audio by Adam 12