All the people
So many people
And they all go hand in hand
Hand in hand through their Parklife
Know what I mean?

Today, April 25, marks the 25th anniversary of one of Cool Britannia’s highest creative peaks, Blur‘s 1994 masterpiece “Parklife.”

From familiars like “Girls & Boys” and the title track to the deeper-reacher pleaser capacity of “This Is A Low” and “Trouble In The Message Centre,” Blur’s boisterous third studio album saw the band grip England by the collar of its weathered Merc Harrington. It has filled indie dance floors, sparked debate, and likely inspired lovers to come together in beautiful Britpop harmony. It’s one hell of a record.

Naturally, this morning on Morning Glory (sorry about the show name, Damon) we raised a glass to the landmark album and all its own glory, setting a mood before we spun “To The End.”


Audio by Adam 12