Britpop Social Club continues its 2019 anniversary series on Saturday, May 11 with a raised mimosa glass to the album that started it all: The Stone Roses’ masterful 1989 debut album.

Says Noel Gallagher: “It is perfect”.

This month’s “Britpop Brunch” — as the word-of-mouthers have dubbed it — celebrates the Roses’ acclaimed first LP, which officially turns 30 (!!!) on May 2.

DJs Lady K and Michael V will enhance their standard sets of Britpop smarts with extra The Stone Roses selections and this remarkable record that fused Madchester, jangle-pop, baggy, neo-psych, alternative rock and more to knock all of England on its arse.

No cover, noon to 4 p.m., all ages. Co-presented by Indie617.