As a rule, we generally have a good time on Tuesday — so much so, that we’ve flipped the script and just started calling them Quesdays. It’s a shout to our Question of the Day, where we pose a question and ask listeners to join in to discuss the topic at hand. Today’s was a total blast, as we asked: What alt-indie album from the 2000s changed your life?

It was the decade that didn’t really feel like a decade until it totally felt like a decade. And the music was awesome, yeah.

I came in hard with Pela’s masterful Anytown Graffiti LP, which is a required listen for anyone who may be unfamiliar. I get into why, as well, but you need to hit play on the podcast below to find out why it means so much.

There were a lot of great suggestions, as this was a fun exercise with no wrong answer, and some of the best are outlined here on the Twitter thread. Follow us @indie617 to join in on next week’s fun.

Audio by Adam 12