We had a lot to get to this morning (May 7) with all the Quesday discussions about life-changing albums from the 2000s, but we got sidetracked briefly by one of my favorite stories involving live music in Boston: Mark Burgess’ July 2009 appearance at Hennessy’s in Boston.

On that night, which came together under extraordinary circumstances, Burgess was joined on stage not only by Worcester’s The Curtain Society as his backing band, but also, for a song or two, by The Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper, who just happened to be in town, and agreed to come up without much planning and jam out to an old Alternative TV punk cover.

Since today is Willson-Piper’s 61st birthday, I relayed the story on Morning Glory, citing a few quotes from Willson-Piper from when I interviewed him about that night a few years back. The whole story is wild.

Audio by Adam 12