Come for The Killers talk, stay for Nighttime Glory.

Earlier today on Morning Glory, our weekday morning show, we set the tone for tomorrow’s 15th anniversary of Hot Fuss with some casual talk, but it led the way toward two segments of Nighttime Glory, where each Thursday we hype the best shows happening through the weekend around the Boston area.

Among the notables are Geographer tonight at Great Scott; Elohim and others Friday at The House of Blues; Britpop Social Club Saturday afternoon at The Sinclair Kitchen; the Overdrive synthwave party Saturday night at The Middle East; and Charly Bliss Sunday at The Sinclair.

Get the full rundown below. And tune in to Morning Glory every weekday from 7 to 10 a.m.

Charly Bliss image by Ebru Yildiz.


Audio by Michael Marotta