As Friday begins to bloom, we have a new Song of the Week here at indie617, and it comes from Baltimore indie-pop group Lower Dens. Their new track “I Drive” was nominated by Morning Glory host (and longtime Lower Dens supporter) Michael Marotta, and it earns the crown by taking home 48 percent of the vote.

The song will be featured on Lower Dens’ forthcoming album The Competition, which hits September 6 via Ribbon Music. It carries an important message penned by Jana Hunter, who identifies as gender fluid/non-binary.

“Like a lot of queer and trans people, I’ve learned that real family is made, and it isn’t necessarily blood,” Hunter says in a statement. “Even my blood relatives, we work for that familial connection and trust. This song is about leaving behind obligations to people who don’t love or care about you, being with and about people who do. It’s a feeling so strong it’s driving me. That’s the driving I’m doing.”

Check the poll results below, and tune in Monday on Morning Glory for the next SOTW poll.

Lower Dens photo by Torso.