As we noted earlier, the weather outside is dreadful around Boston, making it a good day to pack it all up and head indoors for some television-viewing pleasure. So this week’s Quesday discussion on Morning Glory centered around all the TV shows you’re busy streaming this summer.

Paul Driscoll and I kicked off the chat with a few of our recommendations, with Driscoll (who you can hear weekdays on indie617 from 2 to 6 p.m.) coming through with White Gold, season 7 of VEEP, and Big Little Lies.

Busy on my screens this summer have been season 3 of Stranger Things, Nicolas Winding Refn’s massive bisexual lighting drama Too Old To Die Young, a look at the fall of the Romanov dynasty in the highly enjoyable The Last Czars, and — much to my chagrin — some British period drama called Poldark that my fiancée fucking loves.

Listeners suggestions were just as good, and we logged those here. Below is the convo-kickstarter from Paul Driscoll and I, served up fresh via the Morning Glory podcast.

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