We’ve got summer vibes on the mind here at indie617.

Over the weekend Pelvis Costello asked listeners about their favorite beach spots around Massachusetts, and so for today’s Quesday conversation we decided to take that approach and give it a soundtrack. So we asked thee: What’s on your beach day mixtape?

That’s right, the songs you listen to en route to the beach, while chilling at the beach, and on your way home from the beach. And as usual, indie617 listeners answered with authority.

Some of the faves that went from Twitter suggestion to spun on the show include The Drums (“Let’s Go Surfing”), DIIV (“Skin Game”), Best Coast (“When I’m With You”), BLOXX (“Sea Blue”), Bleached (“Hard To Kill”), Honey Cutt (“Weather Girl”), and more.

Recap all the listener picks below.

See you at the beach.