Today’s #Quesday discussion got graphic.

Very graphic.

Keeping the mood light and airy as we dance through the height of summer, this week’s Quesday discussion centered around a band’s definitive design, as we asked: What’s the coolest band logo?

We asked, you answered.

Morning Glory host Michael Marotta kicked off the chat with a few of his personal faves, like Nine Inch Nails’ “NIN”; Black Flag’s black bars, the Ramones crest, Dead Kennedys’ “DK”, The Strokes’ shiny motor logo (as seen in Transformers), the Misfits fiend, and Oasis’ box logo from their early days.

And after that, the dam burst with listener suggestions — Husker Du, Depeche Mode, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ministry, Modern Lovers, The Cure, CHVRCHES, Nirvana, Public Image Ltd., Love & Rockets, Lush, Catherine Wheel, Hum…. and more… and more… and more…

Peep the responses below.

Featured ‘Transformers’ image via Dreamworks/Paramount.