On a Friday the 13th under a full moon, the Song of the Week poll went off the rails. Boston garage rock brigade The Gala held strong to a firm lead with their new track “Gimme Gimme”, nominated by Julie Kramer, pretty much since the poll launched on Monday. But in the end — the absolute, very end — it was Pelvis Costello’s pick of Lower Dens‘ “Hand of God” that took home the SOTW crown.

And the Baltimore alt-pop group scored a victory by one single percentage point. Talk abut wild.

Off in the distance was Tommy O’Connor’s pick of “Bummer” by Save Face (indeed) in third, and Michael Marotta brought up the rear with B Boys’ “Instant Pace.”

We wrapped the poll with live commentary on Morning Glory, and it was a hell of a ride. Cheers to all who voted, and who tweeted, posted, and yelled all Friday morning as Lower Dens pulled off the comeback — their second SOTW win since July.

In the meantime, go see The Gala at O’Brien’s Pub on September 28, part of White Dynomite’s Double Trouble Weekender.

Featured image by TORSO.