For our latest Quesday discussion, indie617 dipped into the nostalgia machine this morning, though we didn’t travel back in time too far. We revisited that musically fertile time of the 2000s, when each new band seemed destined for greatness — or, at the very least, a place on your pimped-out MySpace page.

We asked: What band from the 2000s should have been huge?

And the answers were plentiful, as usual. To kick off the Morning Glory segment, I spun The Lovemakers’ lost 2005 hit “Prepare For The Fight,” and later in the show talked Phoenix’s The Foxglove Hunt, as well as a pair of long-lost NYC bands in Pela and BM Linx.

Listeners came correct with some great picks, including Idlewild, The Airborne Toxic Event, Camera Obscura, The Donnas, Cooper Temple Clause, Maximo Park, Elbow, Art Brut, and others. Revisit all the suggestions via the Twitter thread below.