Last week we hosted a lively Quesday discussion where we asked about bands from the 2000s that should have been huge. Nada Surf came up a few times, despite their origins in the ’90s, and it got us thinking — it’s weird that there are some people who consider them a “one-hit wonder,” after their 1996 breakout single “Popular.” Then along came “One Hit Wonder Day”, another made-up holiday that serves very little purpose, and the whole idea around a “one-hit wonder” got stuck in our brains.

That led to today’s Quesday chatter, where we asked listeners to name an alt-indie band that is unfairly labeled as a “one-hit wonder.”

I kicked off the discussion with James and their 1994 hit “Laid”, and touched on the Nada Surf phenomenon as well as a few others. Listeners came in heavy with their own picks of bands that should be known far more than their supposed one hit, and we discussed everyone from The Verve to The Church. Other bands that came up were the Bosstones, Space, Jimmy Eat World, Local H, Better Than Ezra, Blur, and yes, even Dropkick Murphys.

Revisit all the suggestions below.