One of Morning Glory’s favorite new bands to come out of London lately are Sea Girls, an alt-rock group that seems destined for big things. Earlier this week they dropped a lively new track called “Violet,” and this morning on Morning Glory we raised it up for Indie or Outtie debate and discussion.

Two weeks ago on Indie or Outtie we had our first unanimous “indie” with Sports Team’s “Fishing,” and last week we had our first-ever “outtie” with David Hasselhoff’s cover of The Jesus And Mary Chain’s “Head On.”

This week the results reverted back to the norm, as “Violet” scored an 89 percent “indie” vote. Not too bad for a band we’re all digesting for the first time.

Sea Girls frontman Henry Camamile says this of his band’s new single: “If our other tracks are the shade, then ‘Violet’ is definitely the light. There is no tortured soul here, just a boy who avoided the inevitable for years, suddenly realizes, and throws himself wholeheartedly to someone who’s made for him. Put your face in a sink of ice cold water and that’s how it makes me feel.”

Word to that.

Photo by Parri Thomas