Well, something just happened in the Song of the Week poll that we’re pretty sure has never happened before — a band not on Twitter ended up victorious.

We’ve had a handful of not-on-Twitter bands or artists nominated in the poll, and let’s face it, not campaigning for your own track puts a band or artist at a bit of a disadvantage. But that was no obstacle for TV Party, whose blistering post-punk track “Strange Noises” took home top honors. Morning Glory host Michael Marotta nominated the Southern California band, and he gets back in the win column.

Twitter-less TV Party secured enough votes to get the win despite spirited pushes from Saint Motel’s “Van Horn” (nominated by Julie Kramer), Mt. Joy’s “Rearrange Us” (nominated by Tommy O’Connor), and The Growlers’ “Social Man” (nominated by a comeback-less Pelvis Costello).

A new SOTW poll goes up Monday morning on Morning Glory, guest hosted by O’Connor, with Sunday on-air host Cristina Khem making her Song of the Week debut.