Michael Marotta had himself a hell of a weekend.

Not only did Morning Glory’s host get married (and look good doing it), but he also pulled off an unprecedented SOTW victory with the Twitter-less, SoCal band TV Party and their song “Strange Noises”. Now, Michael is taking a victory lap to go see some bone castles in Europe, leaving the Song of the Week crown up for grabs.

Contenders for this open title include poll newcomer and Sunday afternoon host Christina Khem who went with the new Future Thieves’s song “Get Up” in her debut. Morning Glory fill-in host Tommy O’Connor throws the latest from an artist he can’t stop listening to, Briston Maroney, into the fray with and his song “Chattanooga”. Julie Kramer is trying to get back into the familiar win column with Tame Impala’s latest “It Might Be Time” and Pelvis Costello is looking to do her usual havoc-wreaking with her pick of Tall Heights and “Keeps Me Light”.

There you have it folks, the nominee’s are laid out below. Go cast your vote!