It’s the Quesday before Thanksgiving, and let’s face it, some of our conversations at the dinner table on Thursday will be more awkward than others. So let’s throw out any political talk, any questions about our careers, any annoying queries about when we’re gonna either get married or finally have kids, and keep the discussion locked in on music.

Because that’s what we do here at indie617.

So for this Quesday, we took a page from our 2018 playbook with one of our favorite topics: Name a cool new band at the Thanksgiving dinner table!

We asked, and listeners delivered. Morning Glory kicked off the discussion with a sampling of the new sounds heard daily on our morning show, with hype on fresh tracks from King Nun, Surf Curse, Eliza & The Delusionals, Harry Mold, and Riki. And the Morning Glory faithful had plenty of others to recommend to our favorite nieces and nephews and cousins, like Orville Peck, White Reaper, Holygram, The Regrettes, Hobo Johnson, Black Pumas, Fontaines D.C., and Boston’s own Future Teens, who play our next +1 Series show at Bill’s Bar on December 7 [plug plug].

We even busted out a set of bands you can’t recommend to grandma, like Tropical Fuck Storm, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, and Mannequin Pussy. Naturally, Let’s Eat Grandma also made the cut.

So yeah, that’s a lot of great music, and there are more recs in the Twitter thread below. Have a great Thanksgiving, and good luck at the dinner table.

Photos by VXLA via Flickr.