Short week, long drama.

The Song of the Week poll — a 48-hour mad dash before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend swallows us whole — provided plenty of intrigue as Maggie Rogers and HOAX duked it out Wednesday morning in the poll’s very last seconds. But in the end, the very end, it was Pelvis Costello’s nomination of Rogers’ new single “Love You For A Long Time” that took home the glory, besting Tommy O’Connor’s pick of fellow Hofstra albums HOAX’s new jammer “unconditional” by 1.3 percentage points. And that’s across 146 votes cast.

Hot dang!

Playing for bronze were Michael Marotta and Julie Kramer, whose picks, Sub Urban’s “Cradles” and Courtney Love’s “Mother”, finished third and fourth with 12.3 and 9.6 percent, respectively.

But it was the drama at the top that got everyone talking. It was another wild finish to the SOTW poll, and a fun way to swan dive into the holiday. Revisit the full final results below.