Our first Quesday of the New Year is taking an appropriate look ahead to what should be a fantastic 12 months in music. Earlier today on Morning Glory, we asked: “What do you want to happen in music in 2020?”

It’s a bit of an open-ended query, asking indie617 listeners about their personalized musical “wish-lists” for the year ahead. That includes reunions, new releases, tours hitting Boston, and everything else under our streaming radio sun. The responses were super varied, as expected, and are detailed below in the Twitter thread.

My wish-list items? I’d love to see Peter Hook and New Order make-up, play nice, and get back up on stage together, completing one of the greatest bands of the past 40 years. I’d also love to get another Pulp reunion (Pulp 3.0?), quality albums from The Strokes and The Cure, and Boston live dates from this exciting crop of emerging UK bands, like King Nun, Kid Violet, Jack Perrett, SWAY, and The Assist.

Keep it locked to indie617 all day as Quesday continues through midday and into the afternoon.

Featured Tame Impala photo by indie617’s Christina Khem, from Boston Calling 2019.