Welp, that was insane.

This week’s Song of the Week poll had many plot points, and the absolute least dramatic involved the eventual winner. Afternoon host Tommy O’Connor roared back into the SOTW a week after relegation and soared to victory on the strength of Fever Dolls’ new track “The Distance.”

You could say Tommy went “The Distance,” alright, and props to Fever Dolls on capturing the crown.

Well deserved.

And it was such a runaway for Tommy and Fever Dolls, in fact, that it created a wide enough margin to force all the other contenders to not only play for 2nd place, but also battle in the muck and the mire to stave off elimination. The stakes were raised. And all three were at risk until the final seconds on Friday.

In the end, Morning Glory’s Michael Marotta barely squeaked by with The 1975’s “Me & You Together Song”, finishing 2nd with only 21.9 percent of the vote to avoid relegation.

That left Friday Comeback Queen Pelvis Costello (Saturday’s from noon to 4 p.m.) and indie617 marketing and promo wiz Chrissy McKeon in a battle for survival, with The Undercover Dream Lovers’ “You Don’t Have To Be Lonely” and Real Estate’s “Paper Cup”, respectively. And they ended up tied with 20.8 percent of the vote each.




192 votes cast, and the relegation zone saw a freaking tie, right down to a tenth of a percentage point.


So, Pelvis and Chrissy are both OUT of next week’s poll, replaced, respectively, by Kick Out The Jams and midday host Julie Kramer, who’s back in, and indie617 sales king Johnny L, who makes his SOTW debut.

Hot damn.

The new poll goes live on Monday.

Rest up.