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Shiffrin wins Super G in Bulgaria

Well the best skier in the world did it again: Mikaela Shiffrin won her 66th FIS Career victory, which is an amazing feat, and she did with a tactical touch. This victory confirms she is truly in a class all of her own.

Watch this run and notice how calmly and confidently she destroys the competition.



Winter Dream Job

Our friends at Ski.com have been running an annual contest to win the ultimate “Dream Job” at ski resorts around North America. The rules are simple: send in a video and tell the company why you are qualified and winning applicants are paired up into teams and send to resorts to create social media content for both the host resort brought to you by Ski.com.

This year the two people that won their “Dream Job” and went to Big Sky Montana were Benjamin Saheb and Celia Miller. 

Home of the “Biggest Skiing in North America”, Montana’s, Big Sky Resort lives up to its reputation. With 5,800 acres of skiing and 4,350 vertical drop, this Montana gem has a little something for every type of skier. And while it may be off the beaten path, those looking for no lift lines, a laid-back vibe, and a true western dining experience can’t go wrong.


Snow Tubing at Nashoba Valley

If you are looking for a fun escape this winter to an activity that all of your friends can do, head to Nashoba Valley for some snow tubing. It’s a blast, exciting, and affordable.

There are 18-plus lanes to ride on, a new lift, a warming hut, music and all the speed you can create, check out the video and give it a try this winter!


Ski Tip: All Grip, No Slip Skiing

“All Grip, No Slip Skiing” is as much of a state of mind as it is proper body position. The edges on our skis are designed to grip, cut and hold on the slope. They are sharp and should be used as a tool for fine-tuning your experience on the mountain.

At my “All Terrain Skiing” camps at Kilington, Big Sky, and Val D Isere, France, I encourage skiers to “Stand against the Mountain.” What does this mean? It means lean out and away from the slope, which can be a bit scary but remember your skies are designed for this. As you lean out and away from the slope move your body to the inside of the turn and allow your skis to move out and away from your body. This will provide proper body position in the not only the arc of the turn but also in the transition because your feet will move under your hips keeping you in balance and moving you forward towards the next turn.

Unfortunately too many advanced and expert skiers use their edges as a last ditch effort to slow down, which produces the ski to skid and or chatter. So many times skiers in my clinics will feel their edges for the first time and think they did something wrong because the feeling was so different from their normal sliding or skiing turn.

The reason you want to stand against the mountain is that edge grip provides skiers the confidence to arc their skis on steep and firm conditions. Skiing requires the skier to be proactive in movement and the faster the more you have to anticipate your movements. A ski racer once told me “Ski Technique can be summed up this way, keep your body moving forward, down the hill and fight to keep up with your skis.”

So where does this leave the skier who does not want to ski as fast as a ski racer? The answer remains the same, move your body forward and over your feet for “All Grip, No Slip Skiing.” Speed control is in the grip and the grip is in proper body position. The better position, the better the grip and the better the grip the more control you’ll have.


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