With everyone discussing Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV’s commercials this week, our Quesday attention casually but quickly shifted over to songs that we’ve all heard and loved in televised ad spots. And the tunes we’ve discovered directly as a result of those ad spots, from all those 2000s iTunes and iPod ads to car commercials of recent years, the past 20 years of advertising have been a fertile ground for discovering new music.

So on this Quesday, February 4, we ask: What’s the best song you discovered through a TV commercial?

Aside from specific songs, it seems like Apple and Volkswagen have led the field in introducing new indie and alt songs to the public masses. Morning Glory’s Michael Marotta cited Kali Uchis’ “In My Dreams”, from a 2018 VW Jetta spot, as a recent discovery, and called back on tracks from Feist, The Caesars, others to get the conversation started.

Hit the Twitter thread for listener contributions so far, and keep it locked to indie617 was we tackle this topic all day long.