The year ahead is gearing up to be a big one for Gorillaz, who will spend it by releasing new music as part of their collaborative Song Machine series.

The latest offering is a lively new track called “Momentary Bliss,” featuring contributions from British rapper slowthai and punk duo Slaves. This morning (February 5) on Morning Glory we thought it’d make a good song to serve up to Indie or Outtie, our weekly segment where we take a song, play it a few times, and put it up for listener vote on Twitter (“indie” means you’re IN, you like it; “outtie” means you’re OUT, you dislike it).

But this week’s Indie or Outtie came with a new rule. Since nearly all the tracks we’ve placed into the Indie/Outtie machine have landed on the “indie” side, and it’s rarely close at the end of the voting period, we’ve established an 80 percent threshold for the candidate to be certified “indie”. If it falls under 80 percent, it’s declared “outtie.”

Sure enough, that new rule was enough to make this week’s spin all the more interesting.

“Momentary Bliss” only took in 75.9 percent of the “indie” vote, leaving it short of the new certification mark. And it hovered around 80 the entire time, giving us some actual, SOTW-like drama in the poll.

Talk about landing on a melancholy hill!

Oh well.