We’re in a mood of music discovery. Not just with all the new songs we’ve been playing lately (The Strokes! Alex Lahey! Inhaler!), but exactly how we discovered the music we love. Last week for Quesday, right after Super Bowl LIV, we discussed the best song discovered through TV commercials. It was a fun topic, but a few listeners suggested taking it a step further, and opening up a query our first exposure of great songs in movies or television shows.

So today we asked: What’s the best alt-Indie song you discovered thru a TV show or a film?

Morning Glory got it started with a throwback to the early ’90s, when I discovered The Velvet Underground by their “Heroin” being featured in Oliver Stone’s biopic The Doors. The suggestions came in fast and furious, as they do on Quesdays, with listeners hyping soundtracks (The Crow, Pump Up The Volume) and classic indie stuff from films like High Fidelity, Goodwill Hunting, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Get into all the suggestions below, and keep it locked to indie617 all day as we continue our Quesday conversation all day long.

Photo: dailyinvention