It’s been a good week for fans of The Strokes.

On Monday the NYC rock and roll band played their first New England show in nearly 15 years at Bernie Sanders’ GOTV Concert Rally in New Hampshire, then followed that up Tuesday morning with word on a new album and a freshly cut single. The album is called The New Abnormal, and it’s out April 10. The new song is called “At The Door,” and it’s a casual, slower-paced tune that Morning Glory decided to put up for some public discussion in the latest round of Indie/Outtie.

By now you know the Indie/Outtie deal: We take a new song, present it for public vote via a pop-up Twitter poll, we discuss the song in detail on-air, and see what listeners think. Last week we added a new wrinkle to the voting, in which a song needs to clear the 80 percent “indie” mark to be certified “indie.”

Welp, the new Strokes song did not make that cut, coming in at 72.1 percent “indie”. It’s still a strong showing for a fairly polarizing band and their fairly polarizing new single, and we can’t wait to hear what Julian and the boys follow it up with.

Check the results of the hour-long pop-up poll below, and hit the Twitter thread to recap what indie617 listeners thought about it.

Featured image by Jason McDonald.