This week’s indie617 Song of the Week poll featured only three contestants, but ended up with two winners. And it’s only fitting that on Valentine’s Day 2020, two people share a crown.

Finishing straight-up deadlocked at 39.4 percent of the 94-tally vote, Pelvis Costello and Michael Marotta both emerge victorious, splitting the crown with nominations of La Roux’s “Automatic Driver” and Eliza and the Delusionals’ “Pull Apart Heart,” respectively. Both scored enough to best Paul Driscoll’s pick, “Try Again” by Andy Shauf.

Honestly, we don’t know how these things always end up being so close, and we definitely don’t know how this bad boy ended up in a tie after nearly 100 votes were cast.

Pure chaos.

Maybe Pelvis and Michael will host a tie-breaker on stage tonight at Bill’s Bar during our +1 Series Valentine’s Day show with Shallow Pools and Mint Green. Who knows?

Peep the results below.